Problems at home? Huh?…

July 28, 2007

Once upon a time there lived an old man. He had buck teeth and a big ass. (And if that was not a giveaway). He used to call people’s names (Pun Intended). So, now that the identity of the person is out in the open.. let us have a look at some of the recent developments. Well, we all know all thats been happening and I am positive that none of us subscribe to any of it. (It surely isn’t playboy…get it?)

So, Yeah!! Maybe we should just seize an opportune moment and usurp his dominion and oust him from the throne.

Three easy ideas to oust him from the throne

1: Change the sign outside the building. (He is so stupid, he will keep looking for his office)

2: Call him in the morning and say he suspended himself in the flurry of suspensions…

3: Sell him a prospectus and make him one of the juniors next year…

So, Hoping for your support fellows…

Stewie for DIRECTOR!!!



  1. Aah…

    Now that’s a point… I didn’t get it too clearly till the throne part…

    But here’s a fact… Just go “HI!!!”

  2. lol…..but i’m feeling a little violent…can i lure him to the terrace with a shiny object and then push him off the building? i won’t till you ok this one….

  3. My God! why did i never read all this before this morning. brilliant shite!

    but i see your ‘make him our junior’ and raise you my ‘trip him during aerobics class’
    oh yeah.

  4. maybe you could give yourself a suspension showcause and getaway!

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