living on scraps

July 31, 2007

Modern day ego is boosted by the oddest of things. A scrap is worth is weight in gold. I am of course not talking about a piece of cloth. I am talking about the virtual string of words that appear on the pages of a famous online networking site. Just the other day a friend was shellshocked (I Know its an exaggeration) to find that there were no new scraps in the book. peer pressure I tell you. The scrap of today has become the free drinks of yesteryears..

The more you get, more popular you are.. the more you have, lesser is their importance..

Aaj kal ke bacchon ko kya ho gaya hai!!!

Humara Vote..Stewie ke Saath!!!



  1. lol ass…..arey i just said that because it’s a habit to log on to orkut everyday and it sucks when there’s nothing there…..and you make me sound like a popularity contest loser type…..quel ya

  2. I agree with our good friend Rajeev. G does get a tad miffed when not scrapped. How LS.
    Damn! my sexy rating has fallen to 80%!!!!! somebody gonna get a hurt real badd!

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