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People Come… People Go!!!

August 31, 2007

All relationships come with an expiry date.. I had this conversation with someone.. I am not a pessimist… I am not afraid of commitment.

It is just that we go on living in expired relationships..

Stewie for  Governor!!!


Stereo Type Hindi Movies

August 22, 2007

Hi! I am the contemporary Middle-Class Middle-Aged Indian Man.You can call me Sharmaji for the convenience of this blog.

I have a son, I have a daughter. I also have a loving wife, perennially clad in a saree. ( But you won’t notice her because, when the father is alive, mother is sidelined.)

You will, However find my wife doing things like

1. Cutting vegetable 

2. Cooking

3. Fixing The Bed

4. (By now you get the picture)


Now, lets get to the real story. (Which isn’t really much) You see, I would have one of the following problems.

1. A dead son

2. A martyred son

3. A murdered son

4. or a daughter with the above mentioned characteristics (Please add rape as a possibility)


1. Some property problem


You will see me doing one or all of the following things

1. Go to the government office

2. Go to the government office often

3. Go to the government office and argue with the clerk and teach him the constitution

4. Go to the government office and argue with the clerk and teach him the constitution and not bribe him

5. Go to his boss & repeat step 3 and 4 with him

6. Go to the MP/MLA/Minister and repeat step 3 and 4 


During all this my alive child will accompany me ( Please note that this child will be one of the Smartest, Most dedicated, Sincere, Decently clad child ever seen on screen.) (Oh and my child also knows the constitution)

Now while all this goes on… some… just some people will notice and wonder that even though I am fighting as a middle aged man under sever debt burden on other financial burden, my house in most cases will have

1. A servant

2.More than one floor

3. A garden

4. Plush furniture

5. A servant, a dog and great neighbours

So… Ya.. the point of this entry is WTF… I think film makers need to get real.

God is in the Details… Not in the underworld financers…

Stewie for Governor!! And films used to make sense.. now they just make money… 


Tax Umbrella!!!

August 21, 2007

Why is it said, that the following things fall under the ‘Tax Umbrella’.. when you are certainly not getting protected from anything.. Rain or Shine…

Stewie for  Governor!! For tax relief..


United States of Arms & Ammunition

August 20, 2007

Just a thought!!

The SS under the nazi regime used american made pistols. The nazi used IBM tabulating machines to keep count of inmates at concentration camps.

Vietnam, Korea,Somalia, Iraq,Afghanistan,Iraq again.. one thing common to all these areas… USA has sent troops to these places. USA also sent their companies to these locations.

A simple business model explains their operations.

A man walks into a bar. Sees two people fighting. He gives guns to one guy and injures the other. Then he asks his henchmen to come over and fight with the injured guy. Now that both guys are injured. The man gets the “First Aid Kit’ and charges both of them for treatment.

Next day, he is at a new bar. Two more people are fighting.

Whose fault is it?

Stewie for Governor!!! For Non – Alignment.


Would I?

August 13, 2007

The first thing I did after typing would I.. was to look for the question mark on the keyboard.

But, seriously the question remains .. Would I?

This is gonna be the second post in a row about/after a movie… but what the hell..

This is the sorta movie which will make you sleep half way through it… yet I liked it immensely. The movie is just a long conversation.. two people wandering the streets of nobody’s city.. just talking. The idea appeals to me in a foreign sorta way..(No Pun Intended).. It’s all about just living a day of your life.. Just you.. No friends or family.. just you and a whole bunch of strangers..
The Question remains.. Would I ever just wander strange streets with a stranger.. getting familiar with every step…

Well, If you know me.. you will never find out…

Stewie for Governor!!!  For a new beginning…


Cropaganda !!

August 12, 2007

I was watching this Michael Moorish movie called ‘The Corporation’ yesterday. The movie itself is very typical in it’s stance and content, just like the other such movies. Farenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine et al take the same stand on different issues.

This movie in particular is of greater interest to someone like me, who is currently in a B-School. You see, here I am sitting and waiting for a call from a company that I have secured a job with them, and on the other hand there are movies like this which are bent on bathing the very corporation in a deadly dose of Dog poo and Mud.

If I were vying for a government job, I would myself sling oodles of mud at them. But, if it’s a private corporation, why do we become so protective and patronizing.

I was thinking about crazy corporations  like Monsanto, Union Carbide etc and how they affected people’s life so adversely in India. How companies of varied nature have affected nature in varied ways.

I am not looking for answers or solutions, just trying to understand the dynamics of this situtaion.

Stewie for Governor!! “For a bright future”


We are the Champions!!!

August 10, 2007

Job Opening: Champion (Code 297the4)

Timepass inc. is announcing an opening in the organization for the post of champion. We are looking for an all in all supehero to work in our organization to be the single handed largest inspiration for all the employess in the NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT VERTICAL.

As a company we do not believe in employing people and giving them normal designations. It is just not the company culture. We would rather call you a ‘leech’ than call you a ‘non performing asset’. That is the way we are.

We want you to come into the organization for a Fly In Interview (SINCE you are a superhero) and come up with at least 50 heavy duty JARGONS which we can use in future job opening ads.

Please contact


Stewie for Governor!!