We are the Champions!!!

August 10, 2007

Job Opening: Champion (Code 297the4)

Timepass inc. is announcing an opening in the organization for the post of champion. We are looking for an all in all supehero to work in our organization to be the single handed largest inspiration for all the employess in the NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT VERTICAL.

As a company we do not believe in employing people and giving them normal designations. It is just not the company culture. We would rather call you a ‘leech’ than call you a ‘non performing asset’. That is the way we are.

We want you to come into the organization for a Fly In Interview (SINCE you are a superhero) and come up with at least 50 heavy duty JARGONS which we can use in future job opening ads.

Please contact


Stewie for Governor!!



  1. lolololololol!!!!!
    screw it, i’m useless to leave any meaningful comment right now, laughing too hard!

  2. and you know what else is a bitch, the fact that if you challenge her oversimplistic, childish fairy-tale type f-ing theories, she blinks at you in this infuriating mute fashion cuz she really doesn’t know what else to tell us.
    what do you say to someone like that?

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