Cropaganda !!

August 12, 2007

I was watching this Michael Moorish movie called ‘The Corporation’ yesterday. The movie itself is very typical in it’s stance and content, just like the other such movies. Farenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine et al take the same stand on different issues.

This movie in particular is of greater interest to someone like me, who is currently in a B-School. You see, here I am sitting and waiting for a call from a company that I have secured a job with them, and on the other hand there are movies like this which are bent on bathing the very corporation in a deadly dose of Dog poo and Mud.

If I were vying for a government job, I would myself sling oodles of mud at them. But, if it’s a private corporation, why do we become so protective and patronizing.

I was thinking about crazy corporations¬† like Monsanto, Union Carbide etc and how they affected people’s life so adversely in India. How companies of varied nature have affected nature in varied ways.

I am not looking for answers or solutions, just trying to understand the dynamics of this situtaion.

Stewie for Governor!! “For a bright future”



  1. what an earnest post. i like.

  2. me like it too!

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