Would I?

August 13, 2007

The first thing I did after typing would I.. was to look for the question mark on the keyboard.

But, seriously the question remains .. Would I?

This is gonna be the second post in a row about/after a movie… but what the hell..

This is the sorta movie which will make you sleep half way through it… yet I liked it immensely. The movie is just a long conversation.. two people wandering the streets of nobody’s city.. just talking. The idea appeals to me in a foreign sorta way..(No Pun Intended).. It’s all about just living a day of your life.. Just you.. No friends or family.. just you and a whole bunch of strangers..
The Question remains.. Would I ever just wander strange streets with a stranger.. getting familiar with every step…

Well, If you know me.. you will never find out…

Stewie for Governor!!!  For a new beginning…


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  1. update da!

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