United States of Arms & Ammunition

August 20, 2007

Just a thought!!

The SS under the nazi regime used american made pistols. The nazi used IBM tabulating machines to keep count of inmates at concentration camps.

Vietnam, Korea,Somalia, Iraq,Afghanistan,Iraq again.. one thing common to all these areas… USA has sent troops to these places. USA also sent their companies to these locations.

A simple business model explains their operations.

A man walks into a bar. Sees two people fighting. He gives guns to one guy and injures the other. Then he asks his henchmen to come over and fight with the injured guy. Now that both guys are injured. The man gets the “First Aid Kit’ and charges both of them for treatment.

Next day, he is at a new bar. Two more people are fighting.

Whose fault is it?

Stewie for Governor!!! For Non – Alignment.


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  1. hmmm….u can even add some more light.

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