Stereo Type Hindi Movies

August 22, 2007

Hi! I am the contemporary Middle-Class Middle-Aged Indian Man.You can call me Sharmaji for the convenience of this blog.

I have a son, I have a daughter. I also have a loving wife, perennially clad in a saree. ( But you won’t notice her because, when the father is alive, mother is sidelined.)

You will, However find my wife doing things like

1. Cutting vegetable 

2. Cooking

3. Fixing The Bed

4. (By now you get the picture)


Now, lets get to the real story. (Which isn’t really much) You see, I would have one of the following problems.

1. A dead son

2. A martyred son

3. A murdered son

4. or a daughter with the above mentioned characteristics (Please add rape as a possibility)


1. Some property problem


You will see me doing one or all of the following things

1. Go to the government office

2. Go to the government office often

3. Go to the government office and argue with the clerk and teach him the constitution

4. Go to the government office and argue with the clerk and teach him the constitution and not bribe him

5. Go to his boss & repeat step 3 and 4 with him

6. Go to the MP/MLA/Minister and repeat step 3 and 4 


During all this my alive child will accompany me ( Please note that this child will be one of the Smartest, Most dedicated, Sincere, Decently clad child ever seen on screen.) (Oh and my child also knows the constitution)

Now while all this goes on… some… just some people will notice and wonder that even though I am fighting as a middle aged man under sever debt burden on other financial burden, my house in most cases will have

1. A servant

2.More than one floor

3. A garden

4. Plush furniture

5. A servant, a dog and great neighbours

So… Ya.. the point of this entry is WTF… I think film makers need to get real.

God is in the Details… Not in the underworld financers…

Stewie for Governor!! And films used to make sense.. now they just make money… 


One comment

  1. maybe, Sharma daddy ji gets his palms greased every second day 😀

    – a bored brahmin
    – a proud Sharma

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