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Away for a while…

September 12, 2007

There is a different smell in the air today.. reminds me of the early winter in Delhi.. and i hope Delhi is somewhere close to being pleasant..

It hasn’t been long since I was in delhi last… Buit it feels good to go back. Delhi however just does not feel the same as a visitor.

I miss the times in Delhi.. as a resident… a citizen. Now it is just a constant comparison with other cities.

There are people still.. who make the city worth the visit.. But  thats it…

Looking forward to a good time…

Stewie for Governor!!!


Pride is yours…

September 7, 2007

A simple message to all my fellow students here.. It has not been easy for you to get here…and even if it was easy, the stay will not be a cakewalk.

We might blame a lot.. we might crib a lot. We might call it a waste to go on… but it is not.

When you go out to the world, you must remember that you are good.

No use calling ourselves ‘Great’ ourselves… but DO NOT DISCOUNT YOURSELF..

You are good.. you are here.. and since you are here..

You are gonna go places..and when you meet people there.. remember


Stewie for Governor!!! For end of One Oneupmanship !!!


Still in my teens!!!

September 4, 2007

I don’t know for sure… but many people might remember the line from the movie “Life in a METRO” where Shilpa Shetty wonders why she is acting like a teenager.

But is it wrong to get that feeling of extreme restlessness when “THAT PERSON” is right next to you…. NO MATTER WHAT THE AGE….It is a feeling right… If you can feel hungry till the day you die… If you can smell the food and taste it… then why not a crush at 30 or 47 or 72.

And continuing on the same trajectory.. I have seem serious doubts about finding a suitable partner if you are not studying..

I just mean to say that.. once you start working.. I don’t see too much scope for finding that someone.

So, getting back to the initial contention of feeling butterflies in your stomach.. I am positive.. People just curtail their emotions in light of social pressure of their AGE..

Grow.. but don’t age…

Stewie for Governor!!! and Eternal Youth!!!


A thought!!!

September 2, 2007

True understanding… Is to talk without speaking…



September 2, 2007

It is you.. It is difficult.. It is complicated.. yet it can be so simple…


Cocktail Etymology

September 1, 2007



Piña Colada with pieces of coconut


Piña Colada with pieces of coconut

There are several plausible theories as to the origin of the term “cocktail”. Among them are:

  • Colonial taverns kept their spirits (rum, brandy, whiskey, gin, applejack) in casks, and as the liquid in the casks lowered, the spirits would tend to lose both flavor and potency, so the tavern keeper would have an additional cask into which the tailings from the low casks could be combined and sold at a reduced price, the patrons requesting the “cock tailings” or the tailings from the stop cock of the cask. This was H.L. Mencken’s belief.
  • Cocktails were originally a morning beverage, and the cocktail was the name given as metaphor for the rooster (cocktail) heralding morning light of day. This was first posited in 2004 by Ted Haigh in “Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails”. and can be distinguished from the theory “take two snips of the hair of the dog that bit you“, which refers to consuming a small bit of alcohol the morning after a “binge drinking night” to curb the effects of the symptoms of the hangover, in the belief that these symptoms are the result of a form of withdrawal. A cock’s tail has many varied feathers in exciting colours as a cocktail has varied exciting alcoholic drinks mixed together. Further the cloaca in the tail of cock is the exit hole for many impure substances.
  • Some say that it was customary to put a feather, presumably from a cock‘s tail, in the drink to serve both as decoration and to signal to teetotalers that the drink contained alcohol.
  • Another etymology is that the term is derived from coquetier, a French egg-cup which was used to serve the beverage in New Orleans in the early 19th century.[1]
  • The beverage was named for a mixed breed horse, known as a “cock-tail” as the beverage, like the horse, was neither strictly spirit nor wine — it was a mixed breed.
  • The word could also be a distortion of Latin [aqua] decocta, meaning “distilled water”.

Modern trade.. Mind games And MOODS…

September 1, 2007

Take a walk down the aisle.. You will not get married. You might buy something on an impulse though. make sure you don’t walk down the aisle on an impulse.

Modern retail trade is quite a revelation for me.. also becoming quite an expense head.

The other day.. I waltzed into an outlet looking to buy some shampoo.. ‘Some’ &’Shampoo’ being keywords. I walk in and see some shampoo.. and then some conditioner..” Hey, I need! that is a new pack..!! hey look at this pack.. man what an offer..

I walk on.. I see juice.. I see juice with offer.. I pick it up.. I see biscuits.. I see offer… I pick it up.. Hey I could use some namkeen.. Hmm.. cheese.. hmm chocolate.. hey cigarettes.. hmmm.. I would need mint after a smoke..

And i finally get to the billing desk.. “Fuck.. Forgot the shampoo..”

Hope everything modern is not this dissuading….

Stewie for Governor!!!