Still in my teens!!!

September 4, 2007

I don’t know for sure… but many people might remember the line from the movie “Life in a METRO” where Shilpa Shetty wonders why she is acting like a teenager.

But is it wrong to get that feeling of extreme restlessness when “THAT PERSON” is right next to you…. NO MATTER WHAT THE AGE….It is a feeling right… If you can feel hungry till the day you die… If you can smell the food and taste it… then why not a crush at 30 or 47 or 72.

And continuing on the same trajectory.. I have seem serious doubts about finding a suitable partner if you are not studying..

I just mean to say that.. once you start working.. I don’t see too much scope for finding that someone.

So, getting back to the initial contention of feeling butterflies in your stomach.. I am positive.. People just curtail their emotions in light of social pressure of their AGE..

Grow.. but don’t age…

Stewie for Governor!!! and Eternal Youth!!!


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