Blu del Moncenisio (There is a Blue cheese)

October 17, 2007


An Italian blue cheese that’s not gorgonzola, Blue del Moncenisio is a cow’s milk cheese from the northwestern most corner of the Piedmont. Slightly firm with rich pungent punch this is a very good cheese but overshadowed by its superiors. I liked it but the flavor was not memorable a few days after tasting it. Like most blue, pair it with a sweet dessert wine like a still or sparkling Moscatto or a stronger Nebbiola that withstand its force. Name: Blu del Moncenisio
Type of Milk: cow’s, unpasteurized
Type: blue, semi-soft
Produced in: Italy
Date Purchased: 6/16/2007
Date Eaten: 6/20/2007
Purchased Where: United States, online, Artisanal Cheese
Price: $23.75/lb.


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