Cliche for a reason…

October 23, 2007

They are called so because they are used in such similar occasions to display the exact same emotions.

But, they are used because they are so apt..

The whole talk of first day in college.. or the last..

The lazy afternoon.. children playing.. women chatting..

Mom’s cooking ..

The first date.. the first love…

They are so overused…, yet so apt. I cannot possibly think of  a more apt way of saying ” I miss home” than by saying ” I miss mom’s cooking”. There is no better way to talk of an eventless afternoon than without the children and the chatting.

Talking of mom’s cooking.. at this moment I am really missing mom.. Really missing the times I used to come back from college.. toss the bag in one corner and just go sit in front of the computer or the TV..  and mom would be making dinner.. nothing spectacular about that.. but is it gonna come back.. No.

All through life we talk of fleeting moments that defined our lives. We talk of the great days and bad days. The birthdays and the anniversaries.. the firsts and the lasts..

I just want a completely normal day to come back

I wanna live the eventless day..But I know I never will .. Everyday is new…

That is the best.. yet it isn’t

Stewie for Governor!!! He should love his mother



  1. At this moment the past might seem ‘eventless’ or ‘unspectaculor’ but if you honestly think about it, your time in college was not uneventful, it was a full day’s living and everthing going on was somewhat on the lines of a new adventure(?). It is inevitable to reminisce abt the past with fondness, and in all likelihood if (a few yrs down the line) you to look back at these days that you have right now (2007!!) you will realise that they too were mundane or normal. Its all a part of growing up and growing up you are !

    P.S= Stewie should love lois ..!!

  2. yes, make me cry more. i want ma and i want eventless afternoons too. except all my consciously articulated ambitions involve travelling far and experiencing more than my life’s worth…..have i misunderstood myself and what i want or is what malvika said above right?

  3. What I mean to say was that at times when we feel we’re at the lower bend of the graph, times prior to it seem more comforting. What we forget in hindsight is that its all a continuing process and tomorrow when we live another bend on the graph the previous one, which seemed low, will seem like a time which we will be hoping for to return. Looking back at the past and getting nostalgic is fun, but remember, your todays aren;t as bad as you think ! Its all a case of perception and “mind over matter” …

  4. @malvika
    well put sweetie. point taken 🙂

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