OOPS We did it again..

April 5, 2008

Britney is Bald.. So is Sehwag.. They both have had one off big hits..

Sachin is a mighty lucky bastard.. Now the whole of India would say “We lost because Sachin was not in the team”.. (Zaroor ghoos deke Injury bolta hoga.. phir match fix karke ferrari leta hoga)

( Also I recently heard that Aishwarya Rai lives (Used to Live) in the same building as Sachin.. and that Ash’s driver told someone that Sachin’s wife is having an affair with his Driver.. WTF.. Kya kya bolte hain log..)

So, yes.. unfortunately getting back to cricket.

I had stopped following Cricket.. stopped as though I was given a restraining order from it.

And I had done because of this very shameless spineless behavior our Babies in Blue Show..

Bloody morons.. I tell you.. Just fucking play the game.. Stop doing trapeze shows..

Play like it means something to you..

Stewie for Governor!!



  1. considering we have 24-hour news channels, they need something to qualify as news and so the rumours and the backbiting seems to be the most viable avenue! hence we have all the ‘babies in blue’ giving in to the crap being spread abt them and ultimately leading to a sport becoming a battle field for absolutely nothing !

  2. so what did we do?

  3. brilliant comparison. Britney and the babies in blue! 😀

  4. Vinni.. We lost again.. hullo…?

    And.. Chandni.. imagine how pissed i must have been.. I mean to compare anyone wit britney..

  5. Babies in Blue Show……….sahi bola…….

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