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May 28, 2008

Yes.. After the long hiatus.. i find yet another ‘browsing centre’.. please refer to dear visitors for better understanding..

I am in hyderabad now for a month..

gonna go up and down a lotta shops.. and the next time you are in this town and find a well arranged shelf with horlicks & boost.. pick up a pack and appreciate rajeev for the great work.. heheheh

so thats gonna be it for another two weeks.. will make notes of interesting hyderabadisms..

Tab tak Mai Jaati.. Kaam karne ko mangti na..

Stewie ko Governor hona Mangti..


Mother[F*%#ing] Board

May 14, 2008


That is the exact part of my laptop which has popped it.. or so I have been told by more than one person..

Of course you may refer to what I had Written about the Toshiba/HCL guys.. That still holds..

And now my computer seems to have been suffering because of my miserly behaviour for too long..

A new board is gonaa cost me as much as a new lappie.. What to do?

So that is the reason for my hibernation..

Take care and of your lappies..

Stewie for Governor!! and Fatherboards…