February 20, 2010

Watching the evening new on NDTV india, the first story to hit me is about the burning telengana issue.

A breif background

Telengana constitutes the northern part of Andhra pradesh bordering Karnataka & Maharashtra. Historically, Andhra was formed by uniting three big parts namely Telengana, Rayalseema & Coastal Andhra.

The movement for a seperate state was started in 1969 when again as today the agitation started with Osmania university students & close to 400 prople lost their lives.

I am not making this post to make my political opinion public. I make this post to ask a question.

Why should i student, in the biggest democracy make a decision to burn himself for a cause.. I do not question him or his intentions.

I question the circumstances which would make him do that..

This was not the first time.. and unfortunatesly this will not be the last..

Mandal commision sparked off some similar events in delhi..

I am deeply disturbed by the mob mentalilty seeking scapegoats & heroes..

What do you think??


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