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RACE – To the exit..

March 24, 2008

There are movies with the right amount of twists & Turns.. and then there are movies which have one FATEFUL twist in the plot


There are movies like ‘RACE’ which are like the mazes at amusement park.

The movie seemed like a Great but Unsuccessful attempt at a big banner murder mystery thriller.. The first 30 mins are ok.. even good.. good production qualities and some great shots.

But after 30 mins, it’s all downhill.. and by the end it started reminding me of Saas-Bahu ‘K’ Serials where people keep coming back from the dead.. and eveyone seems to be having a relationship with everyone else..

Another question which comes to my mind is.. What the hell was that Reddy chick doin in the movie.. I mean Anil Kapoor himself seemed like excess baggage and add to that the reddy chick (I am sorry I don’t know her first name.. too much confusion.. too many sisters)

Which police department would employ such worthless buffoons.. What the hell.. Why did south africa agree to such buffoonery at their expense..

All in all this movie was an utter waste of money and time.. The last time I felt this cheated was when I went for ‘No Smoking’.. but at least that movie had some artistry.

This movie seemed like an ad for Provogue and BMW. (Both of which are very good)

and to top it all.. all this happened for 200 million (what currency is not clear).. I mean a website is worth more.. even a blog ( Hint Hint)..

Stewie for Governor.. and rebirth of Censorship for quality


Kimi wins.. but 2006 will remain in memory

October 22, 2007

World F1 Champion – Kimi Raikkonen – Iceman – Flying Finn… But not schumi….

I guess fir the next twenty years.. not a single champion will not be compared with the german.

Kimi had a good race.. Hamilton showed he’s a fighter or a Rookie. It will depend on perspective.

But 2006 will remain etched in my memory.For that matter in global memory.

Schumi’s tyre bursts, He pits, Drops to 17th and he’s still in the race.

He finishes 4th, Shy of world championship. Alonso Wins. Gets no attention.

That was a race. Yesterday, It was just another race.

I feel bad for Kimi, Not for the money he makes of course.

But for playing second fiddle. Even as a champion.

Stewie for Governor!! Racing to the top.