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Hanckneyed or Stilted.. You take your Pick

October 16, 2007

When I sit down to make a new entry.. or for that matter, when I see some other posts in most of the blogs… I wonder how similar writings are.

Most of us are just expressing our mood.. about the day.. someone special or not so.. maybe something which someone said or something we saw..

Introspection sets the general mood.. Hunour invariably is peppered with satire.. there is a feeling of “I am right when I say this”

We write a few lines and wonder.. speechek.. Chek for grammar.. Look around.. maybe take a stroll in the house.. wonder whats in the fridge..   Except tomorrow to bring something better into our lives..

And then there are those who have a blog to ‘show’  the world that they also have a blog… “Hey, you know how many hits I got today? I did this to the blog and I did that..

There is the occasional Cut-Copy-Paste posts..

A few discuss politics and the future of the world in general..

Still a few attempt a smear campaign on the rest of the world ..

And I sit here in introspection… And conclude that..

I am all of the above..

Blogging is good..

Stewie for Governor!!! By now you should be saying this too….


It has been a while…

October 1, 2007

As i mentioned in the last post.. I have been away for a while.. my absence is credited to many factors.. but primarily it is the lack of inspiration that has been gnawing at me.

The week in delhi was extremely hectic and almost completely offline.

The week after that was almost completely free and online… (Yet No post)

The week after that has been busy and eventful.. and the week continues..

Indian cricket team made a bit of ‘CONSOLATION History’..

Another Grand Prix went by me at Formula 1 speeds.. and I did not even notice..

A few new things have “Caught my fancy”.. I shall be working on them for a while..

My liquor consumption Month over Month has drastically gone down..

I got a new cricket bat from a large corporation..

And i wish the best in Luck and wishes to my juniors..

Here it is…

A bonafide ‘New Post’

Stewie for Governor and for Twenty 20…


Away for a while…

September 12, 2007

There is a different smell in the air today.. reminds me of the early winter in Delhi.. and i hope Delhi is somewhere close to being pleasant..

It hasn’t been long since I was in delhi last… Buit it feels good to go back. Delhi however just does not feel the same as a visitor.

I miss the times in Delhi.. as a resident… a citizen. Now it is just a constant comparison with other cities.

There are people still.. who make the city worth the visit.. But  thats it…

Looking forward to a good time…

Stewie for Governor!!!


Pride is yours…

September 7, 2007

A simple message to all my fellow students here.. It has not been easy for you to get here…and even if it was easy, the stay will not be a cakewalk.

We might blame a lot.. we might crib a lot. We might call it a waste to go on… but it is not.

When you go out to the world, you must remember that you are good.

No use calling ourselves ‘Great’ ourselves… but DO NOT DISCOUNT YOURSELF..

You are good.. you are here.. and since you are here..

You are gonna go places..and when you meet people there.. remember


Stewie for Governor!!! For end of One Oneupmanship !!!