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March 11, 2012

This is the default title… Hahahah


February 20, 2010

Watching the evening new on NDTV india, the first story to hit me is about the burning telengana issue.

A breif background

Telengana constitutes the northern part of Andhra pradesh bordering Karnataka & Maharashtra. Historically, Andhra was formed by uniting three big parts namely Telengana, Rayalseema & Coastal Andhra.

The movement for a seperate state was started in 1969 when again as today the agitation started with Osmania university students & close to 400 prople lost their lives.

I am not making this post to make my political opinion public. I make this post to ask a question.

Why should i student, in the biggest democracy make a decision to burn himself for a cause.. I do not question him or his intentions.

I question the circumstances which would make him do that..

This was not the first time.. and unfortunatesly this will not be the last..

Mandal commision sparked off some similar events in delhi..

I am deeply disturbed by the mob mentalilty seeking scapegoats & heroes..

What do you think??


Whats taking all this time..

November 17, 2009

Facebook: I have free time.. or sometimes when I don’t, I log on to facebook and do nothing

Sleeping: I wake up only to tell myself that there isn’t much to do and sleep some more.

Watching TV:  Free time means TV.. Right..?

Going shopping: Not the type of shopping that gives you pleasure, but the kind that you have to do..

Work: Oh yes, this also takes a bit of time.

Travel: You see wirk sometimes involves travel.


I have not written a word on this blog for such a long time.. is blogging a global season.. or are we just living in Silos driven by farmville or Cafe world.

I will be back

Stewie for governor


Mother[F*%#ing] Board

May 14, 2008


That is the exact part of my laptop which has popped it.. or so I have been told by more than one person..

Of course you may refer to what I had Written about the Toshiba/HCL guys.. That still holds..

And now my computer seems to have been suffering because of my miserly behaviour for too long..

A new board is gonaa cost me as much as a new lappie.. What to do?

So that is the reason for my hibernation..

Take care and of your lappies..

Stewie for Governor!! and Fatherboards…



March 23, 2008

My blog is worth $3,951.78.
How much is your blog worth?



March 21, 2008


March 21, 2008

Dear readers,

Many of my friends who blog, most of whom you will find are very good. My blogroll is limited to a few people currently.

Chances are, you are one of the people on my blogroll. If you are not, please visit my blogroll. If you wish, I would like to add yours to mine.

I just want my blog to play a better role in the future.

Stewie for Governor!! and Cooperative Endaevours